This is a Fiction response to a prompt from Inspiration Monday ~ :


Image © Copyright John and Margaret


by John Yeo

Professor Mcbean was delighted to be able to once again face the microbial journey challenge, and attempt to effect a cure in this revolutionary way.
“I will be entering from the left nostrillic pathway and I will travel to the centre of the patients sedated brain using the dendritic pathways in a shrunken microbial condition.”
There was a gasp from the assembled students when the implications of this statement became apparent.
“This will be the third person we have brought back from the edge of the beyond using this revolutionary method. I will be travelling with my personal assistant Snoot whose main function will be blockage removal. Although the patient will be heavily sedated to prevent a sudden sneeze Snoot will be there to dig out the residual gunge attached to the hairs in the back of the left nostrillic pathway, allowing a clear run through to the brain.”
Professor Mcbean’s colleague and firm friend then interjected. “This is a perfectly safe procedure. The shrinking techniques have been thoroughly tried and tested in our previous successful operations.”
The assembled students then subjected the team to a barrage of questions about the mysterious final location that was holding back the breathing abilities of the fertile imagination in this well-loved authors brain.
The day of the launch arrived and the Professor and Snoot were shrunk and ready to proceed. The patient was anaesthetised and the vehicle was surgically implanted at the back of the left nostrillic pathway.
Darkness fell swiftly as they reached the end of the passage and Snoot began to clear the way. Soon they were speeding along the airways to the centre of the brain. The Professor was struggling to breathe as the airways filled with an alien gaseous air, momentarily. He took another breath as he raced along the surface. The huge many faceted valleys and tunnels of the interior were fascinating. They appeared to contain a fluid, believed to be full of the neurotransmitter serotonin encased in a pliable material and they seemed to branch off in many directions that had no real pattern. Electrical sparks and flashes would suddenly light up and quickly extinguish as the sky above would be momentarily illuminated revealing a hard rooftop to this incredible cranial world.
The Professor was soon hard at work clearing the hardened arteries that were blocking off the inspiration and creating the writers block. Chipping away at all the hardened ingrained negative ideas that clouded the imagination.
When they were ready to leave, the craft sailed up the left nostrillic pathway, and set a pepper bomb that gave way to a huge sneeze, and they were expelled at force into the confines of a pure silk handkerchief.
Later that day after they had been restored to normal size, the team toasted the Professor and Snoot on a fine result to an almost insoluble problem.

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